Investigations & Test Results

Test Results – We would not usually contact patients about normal results. The Surgery will contact you should a result be abnormal requiring further treatment or investigation. Up to date contact details would be appreciated. Most blood, swab, urine and X-ray results come back within a week but some take longer. Minor operation samples take 8 weeks. Cervical screening results take 3 weeks and are sent to you directly at home. Urine samples may be tested for different reasons-if you feel you have an infection, please bring in a sample and fill in a quick form at reception, the GP/Nurse will test the sample and contact you with the result. If you are interested in knowing more about particular investigations the website has some useful information.

If you would like the results from your investigations then please ring reception after 11:00am and speak to reception

We are currently working on reduced GP cover. Please be assured that we will do our very best to take care of your needs during this difficult time. However, could we please ask you to be aware that wait times may be slightly longer than usual so please bear with us.