Extended Access

In partnership with your GP, Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC), are offering evening and weekend routine appointments at several locations throughout North Cumbria.

You will be seen by a clinician who can access your medical records and will provide the same service as your GP surgery.

To book an evening or weekend routine appointment, please speak to your GP surgery. If you would like further information about this service, please visit www.chocltd.co.uk/chea

Surgery Equipment Fund

We have a surgery equipment fund for all donations received and we are very grateful to all those who donate to the fund.

These monies have enabled us to purchase equipment that would not normally be available in a small surgery.

In the last year, with your help, we have been able to purchase;

  • Patient Couch for the Healthcare room
  • Trolley for the Healthcare room
  • Examination light
  • Ear Irrigator
  • Blood Pressure Machine